Faux Glow for Spring Break

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013

The winter has left us all a little pasty, and whether you’re heading somewhere sunny for Spring Break or just want a faux glow to brighten your day, today’s topic might just warm you right up. We set out to demystify the latest mobile spray tanning trend and found a safe, really convenient and natural-looking option for those of us who want some color, but don’t want to look like either of these ladies:
Photo credit:  http://www.thetruthaboutbeauty.co.uk/sun-care/how-to-fake-tan-like-a-professional.html

Photo credit: www.thetruthaboutbeauty.co.uk StyleBlueprint Birmingham shared this gem in a recent spray tanning post. (See the link to that post at the end of today’s.)

Photo credit: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/tan_mom_no_longer_on_probation_in_T9bYRKUzHRSEe3Ko9YazmN

Photo credit: www.nypost.com

When you mention spray tanning in any circle, you will most likely hear about someone’s bad experience that left them looking like an oompah loompa. Clearly that is not the look you’re trying to achieve and luckily, when it comes to spray tanning, you have options. Acknowledging the damaging effects of sun exposure, many tanning salons are now offering automated spray tanning booths with a product call Mystic Tan. It is very difficult to get a flawless tan in a one-size-fits-all setting like this. With many salons getting into the glow game, there’s also the in-house “drive-through” spray tanning option. Here, a trained sprayer will tell you when to bend your knees and elbows and when to hold your breath, and in about 15 minutes you are back in your clothes and out the door, a few shades darker.
Take this TLC one step further and you can actually have a spray tan done in the comfort of your own home for about the same price. It was during one such mobile spray tanning appointment that I visited with a trained Capelli Tintarella sprayer and got her tips for achieving and maintaining the perfect spray tan, while observing the before and after with some ladies who were trying it for the first time. 
Capelli Tintarella Mobile Airbrush Tan is the solution for people who want safe tanning options that don’t leave you orange and streaked, and who want the convenience of this service delivered at home. Their custom approach allows you to select the level of tan you’d like to achieve before a trained sprayer carefully applies two coats of the appropriate shade of tanning solution, taking the guess work out of hoping it’s right. The convenience is also something worth its weight in gold (and bronze). 
When it comes to selecting the perfect shade there are a couple of things to consider. First, how natural do you want to look? If you are somewhat fair like me and you don’t tan too dark when you do actually tan, then you probably don’t want the darkest level spray, especially in the depths of winter.
Second, timing is important so consider. The tan will last about 4 solid days and fade as it goes, so if you’re looking to be bronzed for, say, your wedding on Saturday, they recommend getting sprayed the Wednesday or Thursday prior. The more natural your tan, the less obvious it will be when it begins to fade as well. In the summer when you want to achieve that dark been-in-the-sun-all-summer tan, you might want to turn the heat up a notch.

The Giovannetti gals recently gathered to get their glow on and let me be a fly on the wall. Having tried other spray tanning alternatives that left them orange before, their reviews for the convenience factor, professional and skilled application and the natural shade of Capelli Tintarella were overwhelmingly positive. These sweet ladies prove that the family that sprays together, stays (healthy) together! 
Cody, Jane and Caroline Giovannetti soaking up some post-tan family time.

Cody, Jane and Caroline Giovannetti soaking up some post-tan family time.


Before you spray, here’s what you need to know:

Check your clothes and your modesty at the door!

Check your clothes and your modesty at the door!

Step right in...

And step right in…

Prep Work:
  • Shower, shave and exfoliate to create a fresh, even canvas for the tanning product is applied, and do not use deodorant, lotion or make up. 
  • Check your modesty at the door: the sprayers have seen it all (and it all looks better tan)!
  • You’ll be given some Sticky Feet adhesive stickers to use to make sure yours won’t be “tan” on the bottom.
  • You’ll also be be given a shower cap to wear to prevent the tanning solution from getting on your hair or scalp.
Up close and personal. Many women choose to wear a strapless bra and underwear or a swim suit, but the sprayers have seen it all. A shower cap prevents any solution from getting in your hair.

Up close and personal. Many women choose to wear a strapless bra and underwear or a swim suit, but the sprayers have seen it all. A shower cap prevents any solution from getting in your hair.

Keep your soles clean!

Keep your soles clean!

What to Expect:
  • The sprayer will have you alternate your position several times throughout the process as she sprays you twice all over.
  • You’ll have ample time to really dry before before dressing because you’re at home!
  • Because you are not in a small room with no ventilation, you are not inhaling the spray solution. The solution is safe for pregnant women, and the set up leaves no mess behind.
  • Consider wearing darker clothes after your tan. While any marks left on clothes or sheets will wash off, you’ll avoid looking dirty.

Wallace and Caroline are close buds after Caroline's tan.

Wallace and Caroline are close buds after Caroline’s tan.

  • Do not shower or get wet for 8 hours.
  • During your first shower, just let the residue run off, don’t scrub!
  • Moisturize to keep skin from becoming dry and flaky. This important step will prolong the life of your tan.
So, whether you’re headed out of town for spring break or not, treat yourself to this little pick me up as you anticipate the warmer days that are coming, sure as the sun.
For more information about Capelli Tintarella, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CapelliTintarell 
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